Biomechanics With Tim Richardson Thursday 2 March 9.30-12.30

Biomechanics With Tim Richardson Thursday 2 March 9.30-12.30

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Outline: This webinar is suitable for all teachers of biomechanics whether new to this component or with some experience and wanting to ask questions and increase confidence and/or clarity.  It will incorporate essential examination technique and explore a variety of teaching and learning strategies to engage all learners.  Course materials will be emailed before the event.


Efficiency of Lever Systems and examples in sport

  • understanding mechanical advantage and disadvantage
  • effort arm and load arm and production of force

Plotting and interpreting graphs of linear motion

  • differences in shapes between distance / time and speed / time graphs
  • velocity time graphs and change of direction

Conservation of angular momentum during flight

  • angular analogue of Newton 1
  • the relationship between moment of inertia and angular velocity

Resolution of forces acting on a projectile in flight

  • flight paths and free body diagrams
  • drawing and interpreting parallelograms of forces

The Bernoulli Principle and Magnus effect

  • pressure differentials and the flight of objects
  • creation of different types of spin using eccentric forces


9.30 – 10.45 Session One

10.45 -11.00 Break

11.00 -12.15 Session Two

12.15 – 12.30 Chat will remain open


Tim Richardson

  • head of academic PE & Sports Science, and assistant Deputy Head (Co-Curriculum) at Lord Wandsworth College, Hampshire
  • >20 years’ experience teaching A-Level PE
  • highly experienced A-Level PE senior examiner
  • subject expert and trainer for major awarding body


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