Skill Acquisition with Sport Psychology Tuesday 8 February 1.30-4.30

Skill Acquisition with Sport Psychology Tuesday 8 February 1.30-4.30

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Outline: This webinar will explore a variety of teaching and learning strategies as well as essential examination technique. With a focus on Skill Acquisition and Sports Psychology, it will offer innovative strategies for memorising challenging topic areas and explore the concept of interleaving and cognitive load to develop high level evaluation skills. It is suitable for teachers at all levels of experience. Course materials will be emailed before the event.



  • Make tricky topic areas ‘stick’ for all learners, including:
  • stages of learning
  • learning Theories
  • Craik and Lockhart’s Levels of Processing Model
  • attitude
  • Creative approaches to teaching:
  • practice types and feedback
  • social facilitation and Zone of Optimal Functioning
  • Theories of sport psychology: tactics to improve examination performance
  • from ‘describe’ to ‘evaluate’ in one simple step
  • reducing cognitive load with streamlined explanations



1.30 – 2.45    Session One

2.45 – 3.00    Stretch break /refresh / discussion

3.00 – 4.15    Session Two

4.15 – 4.30    Chat will remain open


Tutor Profile – Wes Davis

Wes is Teaching and Learning Coordinator and Head of Sport at Worcester Sixth Form College. He is a highly experienced A level PE examiner with >15 years’ experience teaching all areas of the specification. He has a particular passion for the psychological component, revision strategies and the study of memory. In 2019, 22 of Wes’s 40 students achieved A*. He was recently shortlisted for the TES teacher of the year award.


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