OCR A-Level Boost Synoptic Success and general exam technique – 21 September (London)

OCR A-Level Boost Synoptic Success and general exam technique – 21 September (London)

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OCR A-Level Boost Synoptic Success and general exam technique

Date: 21 September

Location: London

Tutor: Emma Stephens

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Boost Synoptic Success and general Examination Technique – with reference to the 2018 Exam papers

Tutor: Emma Stephens (see Emma’s profile below)

Benefits of attending:

  • Get key items of feedback from the first A-level examination (all three papers)
  • Gain confidence in preparing candidates for the different styles of exam questions – short answer, structured answer and synoptic
  • Learn how to adapt our teaching and exam preparation to the ‘new spec’ exam style questions and requirements
  • Finish the day more knowledgeable, enthused and inspired

Reflection on the 2018 A-level theory papers

  • Reviewing candidates’ performance in all three papers – physiological, psychological, socio-cultural
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Adapting teaching to the updated and modified requirements and effectively preparing candidates for the exam
  • The crucial significance of Assessment Objectives (1,2,3)


Coffee / discussion: 11.30-11.45

Synoptic Success

  • Understand the jargon
    • e.g. levels of response mark schemes, generic descriptors, question specific discriminators, Assessment Objectives
  • What exactly are the synoptic requirements / how should candidates approach the questions?
  • What about timings in the exam overall, and in synoptic in particular?
  • Learn how to annotate and grade the candidates’ synoptic answers ‘as the examiners do’

Lunch/discussion: 1.00-1.45

1.45-3.30 (with short break during session)
Synoptic success … continued 

  • Getting the mark right…
    • in both 20-mark and 10-mark synoptic answers
  • Impact in your classroom
    • opportunities for embedding synoptic skills
    • effectively preparing students for synoptic success
    • increasing confidence, efficiency and outcomes!


  • Is an extremely enthusiastic and successful teacher of A level PE
    ●  Having taught all sections of the OCR course for many years
    ●  She is Senior Curriculum Manager at Farnborough Sixth Form College- an Ofsted outstanding College
    ●  With a wealth of knowledge and ideas to share
    ●  Emma is an experience Team Leader (theory) and Practical Moderator (coursework) for a leading examination body
    ●  And a practiced INSET tutor
    ●  She has written one of the new PEfocus (OCR endorsed) Teacher Resource Files


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