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  • £115.00 .

    Synoptic question twilight event with Emma Stephens and Wes Davis

    Outline: The synoptic question continues to prove challenging for candidates across the country. Emma and Wes will provide a detailed analysis of what makes an outstanding response. They will unpick common issues and explore best practice, along with providing a range of workable and effective teaching strategies to prepare students successfully for this unique part of the examination.


    • Assessment objectives – How they’re integrated into the synoptic question
    • Clarification of levels
    • Assessing students with confidence and accuracy
    • Course materials including a range of exemplar answers across paper 1,2 and 3
    • Delivering outstanding synoptic lessons
    • Opportunity for discussion and Q&A


    3pm – 4:15pm          Session One

    4:15pm – 4:30pm    Break

    4:30pm – 5:45pm    Session Two

    5:45 – 6pm                Chat will remain open

     Tutor Profiles – Emma Stephens

    • Director of Teaching and Quality at The 6th Form College Farnborough (an Ofsted outstanding college)
    • An expert in her field whose students consistently attain excellent examination results
    • Having taught all components of the OCR course for many years she has a wealth of knowledge and ideas to share
    • Highly experienced A-Level PE Senior Examiner (theory) and Practical Moderator (coursework), as well as a practised INSET tutor
    • Author of the PEfocus (OCR endorsed) ‘Sports Psychology’ Teacher Resource File
    • A keen netballer and traveller

    Wes Davis

    • Teaching and Learning Coordinator and Head of Sport at Worcester Sixth Form College
    • >16 years’ experience teaching all components of OCR A-Level PE
    • Consistent achievement of outstanding results (ALPS 2)
    • Highly experienced A-level PE Examiner and Team Leader for a major awarding body
    • Finalist in the TES teacher of the year award
    • Experienced CPD provider.
    £115.00 .
    £115.00 .
  • £225.00 .

    Physiological Factors Affecting Performance Biomechanics Online With Tim Richardson Thursday 20th June 9.30pm-3.30pm

    Tutor: Tim Richardson (see Tim's profile at end) • a quality assured, power-packed day with a supremely experienced and knowledgeable presenter • increased knowledge and confidence – whether starting out or upskilling • stacks of powerful tips, tools, techniques and ideas to equip, motivate and inspire • links to exam questions and essential exam technique throughout

    Session 1: 9.30-10.45

    ● Factors affecting centre of mass.
    • Stability: when we need it and when we don’t
    • How to manipulate the COM to be efficient in sport
    ● Factors affecting air resistance.
    • Air Resistance: when we need it and when we don’t
    • How to train and prepare to reduce air resistance / drag
    ● Free Body Diagrams
    • Drawing practice and interpretation
    10.45 – 11.00      Stretch break / refresh / discussion

    Session 2: 11.00-12.15

    ● Efficiency of Lever Systems and examples in sport
    • Understanding mechanical advantage and disadvantage
    • Effort arm and load arm and production of force
    ● Plotting and interpreting graphs of linear motion
    • Know the differences in shapes between distance / time and speed / time graphs
    • Velocity time graphs and change of direction

    Session 3: 1.00-2.15

    ● Calculations for angular motion
    • Radians as measurement of angle of rotation
    ● Conservation of angular momentum during flight.
    • Angular Analogue of Newton 1
    • The relationship between moment of inertia and angular velocity
    2:15pm – 2:20pm      Stretch break / refresh / discussion

    Session 4: 2.30-3.15

    ● Resolution of forces acting on a projectile in flight
    • Flight paths and free body diagrams
    • Drawing and interpreting parallelograms of forces
    ● The Bernoulli Principle and Magnus effect
    • Pressure differentials and the flight of objects
    • Creation of different types of spin using eccentric forces
    3.15 – 3.30pm     Chat will remain open Tutor Profile - Tim Richardson
    • Taught A level PE for 20 years GCSE and BTEC sport for 5 years
    • Assistant Deputy Head: Co-Curriculum
    • Principal examiner for an exam board AS paper
    • Senior Team Leader for an exam board A2 paper
    • Subject expert delivering courses throughout the year
    £225.00 .
    £225.00 .
  • £75.00 .

    Applied Anatomy and physiology/Exercise Physiology with Karen Foan- Wednesday 31st January – 1pm – 4pm

    Outline:  Alongside analysing common mistakes made on paper 1, Tim will provide detailed examples of how and why the highest performing students excelled. Teaching and learning strategies will be provided to address both exam skills and subject knowledge to maximise future success. There will be ample opportunity to raise questions – with a guarantee of straightforward, supportive and reliable answers. Focus:
    • why did students drop marks?

    ➢kreb’s cycle and the recovery process ➢mechanics of breathing and role of additional muscles ➢magnus effect and spin created on a projectile. ➢evaluation of types of levers. ➢speed and Velocity calculations

    • the synoptic question – updated requirements for 2023 and beyond.

    ➢stimulus identification – accuracy and focus ➢equations, workings, units and decimal places ➢making your examples specific to the question

    • discussion and Q&A
    Timings: 9.30 – 10.45      Session One 10.45 – 11.00      Break 11.00 – 12.15      Session Two 12.15 – 12.30      Chat will remain open Tutor Profile - Wes Davis
    • teaching and Learning Coordinator and Head of Sport at Worcester Sixth Form College
    • >16 years’ experience teaching all components of OCR A-Level PE
    • highly experienced A-level PE Examiner and Team Leader for a major awarding body
    • recently shortlisted for the TES and Worcestershire Education Awards teacher of the year award
    • experienced CPD provider.
    £75.00 .
    £75.00 .


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