OCR A-Level Socio-Cultural – Sport & Society/ Contemporary Sporting Issues (Midlands)

OCR A-Level Socio-Cultural – Sport & Society/ Contemporary Sporting Issues (Midlands)

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OCR A-Level Socio-Cultural – Sport & Society/Contemporary Sporting Issues

Date: 14 June 2019

Location: Midlands / Rugby

Tutor: Sarah van Wely

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Socio-cultural issues in Physical Activity and Sport Sport and Society
Contemporary Sporting Issues

Tutor: Sarah van Wely (see Sarah’s profile at end)

Benefits of attending:

  • you’ll be part of an intensive, highly professional and productive day
  • with an experienced, knowledgeable and approachable presenter
  • increased knowledge and confidence
  • practical and imaginative delivery ideas
  • hard copy materials on the day, with time saving and effective resources supplied electronically via Drop Box to use immediately in your classroom e.g. games, activities, card sorts and learning grids
  • know and understand how to coach your candidates towards a top band synoptic answer
  • (more or less!) … the whole 2-year socio-cultural course in a day!

10.00-11.30 – Sport and Society – knowledge and teaching ideas
1. The emergence and evolution of modern sport – how social and cultural factors shaped the characteristics of, and participation in, sports and pastimes in:

  • Pre-industrial Britain
  • Post 1850 industrial Britain
    • influence of the public schools
  • 20th century Britain
  • 21st century Britain

2. Global Sporting Events

  • The Modern Olympic Games
    • background and aims
    • political exploitation
  • Hosting global sporting events
    • positive and negative impacts

Coffee / discussion: 11.30-11.45

Contemporary Sporting Issues,
knowledge and teaching ideas

  • Ethics and deviance in sport
    • (from): drugs, violence, gambling
  • Routes to sporting excellence in the UK
    • making this topic area manageable and engaging

Lunch / discussion: 1.00-1.45


1.45-3.30 – Exam focus

  • with emphasis on extended synoptic questions
    • : skills, impact of Assessment Objectives, marking
  • general exam technique and question types

(short break)

Contemporary Sporting Issues – continued

  • Commercialisation and media – picking apart this huge and engaging topic area
    • clarification, contemporary examples and lesson planning
  • (reference to) Modern Technology of Sport




  • is a highly experienced teacher and INSET trainer
  • having taught and been involved with A Level PE for 30 years
  • has 20+ years experience of examining, as both Question Setter and Principal Examiner for a leading awarding body
  • has co-authored several text books, revision books and teacher guides
  • established PEfocus to support teachers of examination PE with high quality courses and resources.
    • the 12 ‘new spec’ resources (6 Teacher Resource Files & 6 PowerPoint topic summaries) are all endorsed by OCR
    • our 8th annual and ever popular PEfest (national conference) is scheduled for February 2019! Exact date to be announced, but it’s usually the Friday before half term (half term for many areas)
    • our one-day teacher courses are held in the Summer and Autumn terms.


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