PEfocus PEpods

Revise on the GO with PEpods - Exam Revision for Students

Welcome to PEfocus PEpods – written by subject experts and professionally recorded to appeal to AS and GCSE learners in support of their examined Physical Education theory work.

The PEpods provide:

  • High quality revision – written and recorded by highly experienced practitioners –    John IrelandGraham Thompson and Sarah van Wely (AS) and Sarah van Wely (GCSE)
  • Clear focus – reviewing and revising essential key points of theoretical knowledge
  • ‘Stop and Think’ – a feature to help listeners check learning – either in their head (if on the move) or on paper if they prefer
  • Exam style questions – helping to put knowledge into practice
  • Exam Tips – recapping essential skills and tactics and spotlighting key question parts: command word / subject / subject qualifier or subject focus
  • Audio ‘bullet points’ – to emphasise key points in an appealing way
  • Music – composed by Seán Anderson to enhance the audio experience and to make continuing work with PEpods both engaging and enjoyable.
  • A one-off payment with End Used Licence Agreement (EULA) – to be agreed on-line by the PE Department prior to purchase and by each student as part of the integrated download procedure – no annual licence fees!

So – high quality, focused revision to appeal to and motivate PE students!  The  PEpods are intended as a supplementary tool to help students prepare for their exams – they are not a substitute for the knowledge and teaching provided by colleagues nor for other forms of revision which students will be encouraged to undertake.

Some suggestions for using PEpods:

  • Some centres adopt a fairly casual approach. Students download the PEpods from the school/college network/website to their IPods or other MP3 players and use them as they choose – on the bus, at the gym, while subbathing, in bed – anywhere!
  • Other centres adopt a more controlled approach and ‘release’ the PEpods as sections of the specification are taught
  • Some teachers ask students to listen to a particular PEpod to prepare for the next lesson or to re-cap one that has just been taught
  • Students can listen to a  PEpod to catch up if a lesson has been missed
  • PEpods can be used throughout the year – not just at test and exam time.

We really do hope that your department and your students find the PEpods stimulating and engaging and that they become an integral part of your programme as a valuable supplementary learning tool.